Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Boherboy Stone Pair

The main purpose of my recent trip to Saggart was to visit this wonderful pair of megalithic standing stones. I had previously visited these many years ago with a friend and seem to recall that they were under threat at the time due to plans for a new road being built. So it was great to see the old couple still standing. Located in the town land of Boherboy just outside Saggart the stones seem to have been christened over the years and are known locally as the Adam & Eve stones. Obviously in reference to the fact that the stones are a male & female pair. Guess which is which???

 The female stone which is  the larger of the two is  about 1.3 meters high with the pointed male stone slightly smaller at approx  1.2 meters high. There is a really nice energy to be found here and the local farmer keeps the area well maintained.

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