Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Hulk

I have been living in Monasterevin for almost six years now and only I have only recently come across the ruin known locally as ‘The Hulk’. Now I had heard that it was used as a workhouse but after further research it seems that  The Hulk was originally a "Charter School" set up to educate orphaned Protestant children. There are two small entrances, right and left, for girls and boys. Boys were usually taught a trade which they could be apprenticed into when they reached about 13-15 years. The Hulk is reputed to have been built in 1734, the first of many such schools built under royal charter by ‘The incorporated society for promoting protestant English schools in Ireland’. So when and if it was used as a workhouse  really can’t say. Later the building was used as a warehouse and up until the early 1900’s part of the house was still being used as a residence. It was recently bought by a developer and "developed" into its present state. Like many of the buildings in Monasterevin now in a ruinous state The Hulk is a fine example of Georgian industrial architecture, being one of the only and best examples to survive.  The current owner is ‘Corbally Homes’, whom had received planning permission but have not yet begun any development or restoration on the grounds. The Hulk can be easily found on the R445, just opposite the Hazel Hotel after you pass through the town of Monasterevin.

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