Friday, 14 September 2012

Old Kilcullen Round Tower & High Cross

After getting side tracked en route I finally arriving at my original destination, the site of the old monastery at old situated just off the N78 at old Kilcullen.Old Kilcullen, formerly Kilcullen (Cill Chuilinn, “the Church of the Holly” in Gaelic, not to be confused with the nearby town of Kilcullen which was developed when this settlement moved about 2 km west and slightly north to Kilcullen Bridge on the River Liffey, often now simply known asKilcullen, over the centuries following the construction of a bridge there in 1319.Old Kilcullen was formerly the site of a walled town, and before that of an ecclesiastical settlement dating from the 5th century. Allegedly this monastic settlement was founded in the 5th century by St Patrick. The only remaining remnants today are the stump of a round tower which was badly damaged during a battle between Crown forces and rebels on the hill in 1798. The bare remains and structural outline are all that remain of a Romanesque styled church which lie within the grounds.There are also two examples of High Crosses to be found; unfortunately the one to the east is so badly worn that no visible carvings can be seen. Te second although worn, distinctive carvings can be seen which seem to depict biblical scenes According to the Annals of the Four Masters Kilcullen was plundered by the Viking invaders in 936 and 944 AD. The graveyard is still in use today.

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