Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nurney Castle

During a long break from work over the festive season, with cabin fever begining to settle in, and a failed attempt to find an old ruin near Kilcullen. I set out on a second attempt to locate the site only to be stopped by local police whom had the main road blocked off due to a traffic collision. So an alternate route led me through the small town of Nurney, where out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something of interest in a field adjacent the local parish church.Now although I could find no way of entering the grounds at the time, i managed to get a couple of decent shots from a rather high perimeter fence. Situated on top of a hill lies the ruins of what I believe was once called Nurney Castle. With little information on the area I have not yet been able to gather further facts about the site. All that remains are the main Tower structure the upper half which appears to have been reconstructed at a much later date to the lower part of the structure and some older looking walls of another now derelect structure. The Hill itself seems to have been little affected by the modern world and was more than likely the site of a much earlier fortification. Perhaps a Motte-and Bailey styled dwelling with signs of a possible protective ditch which would have had a surrounding Palisade.

Whatever the origins and history of this structure are, shall for the moment remain a mystery. There appears to be no mention of the site on which is the National Monuments Service website. If anyone has information on this site, please feel free to contact me email. Any knowledge relating to the site would be greatly appreciated. Although disappointed by how little I know about this site the day continued on a productive note with many more sites to be found.

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UPDATE: I was recently informed that the this site is known locally as the 'Pidgeon-House', but nobody seems to know why!

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