Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Morett Castle

After deciding to take last Monday off work. Well its only your birthday once a year! I did the school run and then headed out for a drive with the slr. After a visit to Emo Court in Portlaoise, a lovely place to visit if your in the area, I headed off in search of an old ruin which I had been meaning to find for quite some time. The ruins of the Castle I had been searching for, lying within the grounds of a private house. After a knock on the door and a quick hello, the lovely lady of the house gave me permission to go onto her lands to have a look around.Did’nt stay too long, as I attracted the interest of a couple of horses grazing on the land who seemed to like the idea of nibbling on my camera bag for some reason. Only the SW corner and east wall remain of what I eventually found out to be a castellated mansion belonging to the Fitzgeralds.It was aledgedly built on a rock outcrop base in 1580 as one of those fortified residences belonging to the 16th and 17th centuries. Erected in disturbed times, it came into the possession of Gerald, Earl of Kildare, by grants of Edward VI.

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