Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Craddockstown West Standingstone

Just opposite the main entrance to the racecourse at Punchestown, lies the Standing Stone of Craddockstown West. Situated in a crop field and easily noticeable from the road, the massive megalithic Longstone stands approx 5 meters in height, but lies slanted to the west. This is the third of several such Monoliths in the Kildare area. The Longstone is situated in the middle of the field on an elevated position which gives a nice view of the surrounding area. In fact it is my plan to return here quite soon for a sunset visit which should be magical. Again this monument has a large base with signs of packing stones around its base and tapers to the top in a conical fashion. There is a noticeable scar near the base and a vein of quartz running across it. Despite its closeness to the similar Longstone of Punchestown, this monument was far easier to gain access to. Though it should be noted that the Stone lies within a crop field on private land so permission should be sought before entering, if you do get a chance its well worth the visit.

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